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El bosque brillante – Marzo 2017-

(English) Third solo album by Lucio Balduini, the successor of Viento divino is an inspired journey with subtle and luminous companions at the same time. It is an honor to present this work by one of the musicians most admired by his colleagues. Lucio Balduini’s third album is bright despite the chiaroscuro. Or, rather, it […]

17 febrero, 2017

Premios Gardel 2016 – Gardel awards 2016

Pipi Piazzolla Trio received the Gardel Award for Best Jazz Album.        It was a short list of nominees shared with Hugo Fattoruso and Daniel Maza, formidable competitors. Gabriela Radice, the host, opened the envelope and announced the award for Transmutation album, released last year by the Club del Disco label, and all […]

15 agosto, 2016

PIPI PIAZZOLLA TRÍO. New record “Transmutacion”, 2015

 It is a pleasure for us to present in exclusive preview as part of our label, the second album Pipi Piazzolla Trio. In Transmutation, the three members of this group bit average playing with the metric and harmony.   Says the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, in its 22th edition, which transmutation is the […]

15 junio, 2015

Escalandrum (Electric Proyect). “Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas”

Tango in the electronic age 05/18/2014 | Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla in front of Escalandrum accepts the challenge of “electrify” the music of his grandfather: “Las cuatro estaciones porteñas. First album of the collection “Usina records”. In December 1976, Astor Piazzolla was presented at the Grand Rex theater in Buenos Aires in front of his new […]

14 junio, 2015
2 de junio 2015 entrega premios Gardel 2015

Premios Gardel 2015 – Gardel Awards 2015

Electrical Project  by Escalandrum. Two Gardel Awards for Best Production and Best Tango Orchestra Album for “The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires” (EPSA Music La Usina Art)   Escalandrum Proyecto Eléctrico  por sus dos Premios Gardel a la Mejor Producción y al Mejor Álbum Orquesta de Tango por “Las cuatro estaciones porteñas” (Epsa Music La Usina Del Arte)   […]

8 junio, 2015
23 de Noviembre, 21 hs. Auditorio AMIA. (Pasteur 633).

Buenos Aires Jazz Fest 2014. Lucio Balduini solo set

The latest activity of guitarist and director Lucio Balduini is linked to the most outstanding albums of local jazz. He recorded with Escalandrum on Las cuatro estaciones porteñas, with Juan Cruz de Urquiza Noneto on Indómita luz, with Pipi Piazzolla Trío on El Arca Rusa, with Andrés Beeuwsaert on Dos ríos, with Fer Isella on Cosecha, with Nico Sorin Octeto on Cosmopolitan and with […]

8 noviembre, 2014