Premios Gardel 2016 – Gardel awards 2016

Pipi Piazzolla Trio received the Gardel Award for Best Jazz Album.




 It was a short list of nominees shared with Hugo Fattoruso and Daniel Maza, formidable competitors. Gabriela Radice, the host, opened the envelope and announced the award for Transmutation album, released last year by the Club del Disco label, and all was joy. Pipi Piazzolla took the stage with Lucio Balduini (guitar) and Damian Fogiel (tenor sax) and gave an emotional speech.

Then it was time for toasts and keep talking about music, greeting colleagues and planning new recordings, future albums, telling stories. Anyway, enjoying the moment.

For Club del Disco is a count with artists of this caliber in his catalog as a seal pride. A new award adds to give us every month our partners, choosing us.





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